Thursday, May 18, 2006

Come on, Rise Up

With all of the festivals of winter and spring behind us and the Big Day staring us in the face, it seems that everyone is down. Matri reminds us that blogging traffic is off, and some NOLA bloggers like Dangle and Jaybirdo are just letting go. I haven't talked to most of my local peeps in weeks, the steady dribble of emails from the fall and winter having ground to a halt. Everybody is too damned busy or depressed or angry. Or busy and depressed and angry.

My wife is alone in a new house and a new job in a city strange to her, four months seperated from her children, battling the carpenters from hell in the place where you can't buy a vacumn cleaner, and trying her ant-not-a-grasshopper midwestern best to make it home before we arrive. Our conversations of the last several days involve her pointing out that I Did This To Her in a way I associate with an anesthetist who arrived to late for an epidural and a desperate attempt to pull my skin off over my head while awaiting the birth of our son.

So, as we all wrestle the cap off another bottle of whatever everyone needs to bow down on the ground the ground like the faithful subjects of Queen Coleen and thank Traveling Mermaid for finding this slidshow/music presentation of pictures from the aftermath of IT in September married to a fabulous Bruce Springsteen song, to remind us that its up to us to Rise Up.

Come On, Rise Up.

Blogging is off everywhere. I am seeing this in blogging circles outside of the NOLA bloggers. Although I guess there's the argument that everybody's busy looking at the Mexican border.

It will swing back. You and the kids will get there. She will find the vacuum cleaner. I promise. I'm so sorry that some are hanging it up. It's better to slack off, take a breath (those of us who have the luxury), then start again, renewed.
Not only your wife, but your city is waiting for your return.
Thanks for linking....the video and story is amazing and I was honored to be the messenger.
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