Monday, May 15, 2006

First, the Good News

The announcment by Accuweather that the greatest threat of major hurricane strikes will be away from the Gulf Coast after June has to be the best news New Orleans has had in a while.
"Early in the season the Texas Gulf Coast faces the highest likelihood of a hurricane strike, possibly putting Gulf energy production in the line of fire," [AccuWeather Chief Forecaster Joe Bastardi] said. "As early as July, and through much of the rest of the season, the highest level of risk shifts to the Carolinas."
This is, however, not good news taken in context of the delays in levee repairs, and particuarly the delay in the flood gates at the mouths of the drainage canals serving Orleans Parish and a large swath of Metairie.

Still any hope that the season might spare the Gulf Coast is something everyone along the Rita/Katrina footprint must be glad to hear. organizer Sandy Rosenthal suggested in an email to her supoorters that today's announcment of the results of the National Science Foundation levee failure study will be positive for New Orleans. I take that to imply that the U.S. Army Corps' of Engineerrs culpability for $100 billion in damage will be made clear.

Hopefully, additional evidence of the Corp's role will lead to some necessary, aggresive course correction by the agency to remedy past deficiencies in New Orleans, especially as we approach The Day (you know which Day I mean).

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Also, we hardly ever have a scare in June. Usually, it's September (Georges), Katrina was early. Also, the later in the summer, the hotter the water gets in the Gulf, which intensifies the hurricanes that make it in from the Atlantic or form in the Carribean. I'll be surprised if we have to bug out before late July.
I hope it is a dry season because it could be very confusing if they impliment this plan.
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