Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Help Tabasco

It's the eighth day of the disaster in Tabasco and 60,000 people
of 19 communities near the state capital of Villahermosa still need to be
rescued as they are trapped on roofs and the second stories of their
-- root coffee reporting on flooding in Tabasco

Nos recuerdos. A disaster of almost unimaginable dimension. Tens of thousands of people stranded on their roofs in the sun waiting for rescue for days on end. Even as the people of New Orleans struggle to rebuild some semblance of normality over two years after the disasterous Federal Flood of 8-29, I hope that we can step up and help. Look at the table on the Wikipedia page of donations. Way to go, America. I think New Orleans should try to raise $301,000 just to embarress the nation to our north.

From the options on Root Coffee's page, I selected Operation USA. Poking around on their web site, they seem like a solid organization and were among the first responders to Katrina and the Federal Flood. Their continuing involvement in mental health support for the hurricane coast is something all of us should be grateful for.

If you don't choose them, choose someone (but, please, don't choose the Red Cross. Take it from the hurricane coast. You might as well burn your money as an offering to your favorite diety for the well being of Tabasco as piss it away on them.)

New Orleans remembers. Je me souviens. Yo recuerdo.

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Thank you for posting this.
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