Wednesday, May 30, 2007

State of the City

Bart at B Rox let's us all know that Ray No-C-Em Nagin will give his State of the City address today at 6:30 pm at the National D-Day Museum.

Read about it here:

Since I'm in Destin (wo is me, eh?) I guess I'll be stuck with the account of the Times-Picayune, a newspaper that has about the same relationship with Perdido Street that Pravda had with Soviet part bosses.

What can Nagoin tell us: that crime is down? That his fabulously expensive garbage contract with its ridiculous giant cans is a stunning success? That there is no real aid for local business in the pipeline but he has high hopes to bring Elmwood to Mid-City?

Those of us who choose to live here know the state of the city and there is nothing Nagin can say that would rise above fodder for laughter and derision. The recovery of the city to date is in spite of city government (and statew and federal government, for that matter).

The best we can hope for is that he not embarress us again. We could greet him with a shower of new Creole tomatoes but that would be a waste of perefectly good food.

It's ironic he would choose the D-Day museum. As I've said beforeN the 200,000 who resettled the city are the equal of the Greatest Generation, the best living example of the traits of self-reliance and oingenuity and perseverance we are told built the U.S.

Like the generation the museum honors they know the meaning of SNAFU and yet they trudge on and get the job done in the face of tremendous adversity and even danger. What ever idiocy comes out of C Ray's mouth tonight he cannot sully what they have accomplished.

Update: I think I like Michael Holman's gloss on the Mayor's speech best so far.

I just heard the speech will be carried live on WWL 870 AM which I think you might be able to pick up even out there in Destin. They said 7:00 Central.
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