Sunday, April 08, 2007

The post-Katrina refrigerator list

In lieu of the Katrina refrigerator, I offer the 2007 post-Katrina Refrigerator To-Do List:

Now, working through that list isn't the same as mucking through several months of Maggoty Goodness in a refrigerator full of food abandoned during the evacuation in August, 2005. It is never the less a daunting prospect. Let me ask you, Mr. and Mrs. America: where would you begin on that list?

I would straighten up the escrow with the insurance company first just to put bars on the windows. If the house isn't safe for you and your family, none of that other stuff will matter much.
Go with the escrow account first. Free up some money for the landscaping, the flood insurance and the bars.

Check to see if the water bill bump is a usage issue or a billing issue. They just started reading meters again so you might have gotten hit with a bump from the difference in the previous estimated bills and the actual usage.

The thermal barrier can wait a month, fix the utility system first. Oh and insurance industry reform probably has to be done while the state legislature is in session, which is soon. (though, this being Louisiana they are likely to find something stupid to distract them.)

And change all your non-dimmed bulbs to compact fluorescents. Buy a couple of different ones and then pick the one who's color temperature closely matches incandescent.

Update the stolen property list before tackling the crime mapping system. The insurance settlement (and or amazing recovery of stolen items by the police hahahahahahah) will make the second task easier.

Only test the soil if you are going to be using it a lot. I read somewhere that there might be plants that help soak up the toxic crap in the ground. (You know, while you are landscaping) Being non-botanical myself (and very happy that my yard currently consists of the strip between the sidewalk and the street and I'm even thinking of putting bricks there) I can't give you the name of the plant, but you are plenty internet savvy, you should be able to find it.

Don't think about the pumps or the levees before jazz fest. June and July are generally quiet.

That's the order, in my opinion.

Good luck with that...
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