Saturday, February 03, 2007

Uncle Sam's Poodle

Today's good news from the Times-Picauyune that a federal judge will allow a lawsuit to proceed against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for those parts of the Federal Flood arrising from the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet is another indication we are not ready to by Uncle Sam's poodle bitch.

It may be the first crack in the dike that unleashes the flood of federal dollars to which we are entitled (or at least in Louisiana, where the pro-business right has put in place the so-called tort reforms they always clamor for that prevent our timid attorney general from going after the the insurance companies they way they have in Mississippi). The attorney investigating a suit over the failure of the 17th Street Canal is looking closely as this to see if it buttresses his claim that the dredging that contributed to the collapse of the badly engineered floodwalls should be considered a navigation project and so could follow the same path into court. (There were shrimpers who used the canal as a harbor).

However, I am going to be Uncle Sam's trained poodle in tonights satirical Krewe du Vieux, forced by my wife (Uncle) to attempt to jump through hoops to get my money, in keeping with the theme of our sub-krewe Follow the Yellow Brick Road Home and the hoops that frame the road. As a result I've been too damned busy with sewing and hot glueing my costume and untangling beads to try to post this week. Readers seeking a bead shower need only to shout out Hey, Wet Bank! as the sub-krewe Seeds of Decline pass (2nd float after the title float) to let me know you are a faithful reader.

The poodle bites, the poodle chews it...
Yo Mamma!
Here, Fido, here, fido...
Okay, but I was there and never once saw you jump THROUGH that hoop as promised? Did I miss it?
Darlin'? It's time to unleash the shite-storm about the levees.
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