Friday, January 12, 2007

Harry Lee plans armored assault on crime

Harry Lee plans armored assault on crime

I'm sure most people missed this story, what with the couple who are getting married on Game Day (which led off the WDSU news Thursday night) and some sort of parade downtown, but apparently Harry Lee has decided to model the solution to crime in Jefferson Parish on the war in Iraq. Look for pearl handled pistols on his belt soon.

I couldn't make this stuff up if I was as drunk as an unemployed librarian. I trolled around the internets looking for a picture of these armored vehicles, but I couldn't find one. I couldn't even find a picture of the sawed off tank that Chief Giarrusso ordered up in the 1960s to prepare for the riots that never came to New Orleans.

All I know is that nothing says people-focused community policing like having something that looks like a tank rumbling up and down the block. Perhaps they should lay down an artillery barrage to soften up the neighborhood first.


Golly, it seems to me that the whole point of the march and rally was that the police need to be more connected with the community. Perhaps they would prefer checkpoint towers armed with snipers?
Wow, snipers! Why didn't I think of that? Much more effective that crime cameras.

I think air strikes utilizing a combined CS-nausea package against clusters of hostiles hanging on street corners might also be effective.
Harry Lee can go to freakin' Hell!

To create a safe society, one must engage themselves with said society, not run over it with a tank.

BTW- Harry Lee is the precourser to Jabba the Hut. I gotta find a way to starve that fat fuck in order to get him to die. (Maybe FEMA will pay to haul his carcass away.)
I have a plan. How do you feel about gold lamee bikinis? First I'll have to find my son's light saber and get myself arrested by the JPSO. A few other tricks and its Hello, Sandworm.
Yours is one of the few blogs I still read and while I understand your frustration with Harry Lee and the whole situation ...what is your alternate solution? This is a problem that is so vast it will take years to correct and it will start with parents and school, parental involvment in many things need to be/must be changed if the city it to survive and thrive.
I wish I knew the answer, I guess I just have problems with those that critize without offering an alternate solution...
Really, I am not just writing to get a rise out of you or the others that have commented. Tell me the concrete things that you think need to happen. Exactly what can the police or mayor do to stem the crime problem? Remember we have had murders where the police were on the block. Please tell me and I'll try to make it happen.

a reader
If you scroll down, anon, you will see some of my suggestions. I can probably come up with more, if you like, which it what is so frustrating. I think most people at Perdido Street are so burned out after the last 500 days that they can no longer think clearly, as evidenced by their inability to deal with crime, the garbage contrats, etc.
Thanks for directing me to your earlier post with very concrete ideas on how to make the city safer. I guess I have long given up any hope that anyone in a leadership position would take the hard but right road and say we cannot rebuild in the entire city at one time. I won't repeat them all again but if your ideas posted on January 8th were implemented we would in my opinion be on the right path.

Now I know why you are the only one I continue to read. A few others are the voice of reason but most are either far right or far left. Lets just get it right for the city.
Keep up the good work.

I do still wonder at the wisdom of highlighting the crime problem at the time when all the media attention is focused on the city because of the Saints. Maybe it is the best time...I truly don't know but I hope and pray for the best.
A reader
Hey, I know! Why doesn't Harry just build concrete barriers across the streets that lead from wicked New Orleans into the dubious paradise that is Jefferson Parish? Obviously all the crime originates in the city, because all the people there are the wrong color, right? (/sarcasm)

Oh, right, been there, done that, so long ago that I still lived in the city (sigh). I still rememner then-Mayor Barthelemy knocking the wall down from the N.O. side with a sledgehammer. It appears that it is time for us all to pick up that sledgehammer...
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