Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bart Everson for Mayor

Please read the speech Mid-City resident, organizer and leader, and blogger Bart Everson gave to 5,000 angry Orleanians at today's March Against Crime.

Fueling our anger is the perception that our leaders do not share our fear and
our sense of shame. And so today I want to say shame on you, Mayor Nagin,
Superintendent Riley, District Attorney Jordan. You’ve really let us down. You
have failed us. The criminal justice system and the government is broken. And I
want to communicate to you the level of outrage that my friends and neighbors
are feeling, because we don’t think you get it. Families that have lived in New
Orleans for over 300 years are talking about leaving. People displaced by the
flood are saying they are afraid to come back. That is the level of hopelessness
and despair. They’d like you to step up and just do your jobs — but they don’t
think you can. They’d like you to step down and resign — but they’re afraid
you’d be replaced with equally incompetent people. Many of my neighbors believe
that we need to see the federal government step in and literally take over New
Orleans, or at least the criminal justice system. The feeling seems to be that
even FEMA couldn’t screw up any worse than we have. At first I thought that was
a joke. But it seems more possible every day, and there’s nothing funny about

Full text here.


Bart was awesome.
Seriously, let's draft his ass.
Bart is genuine, bright and humble. I'd vote for him in a heartbeat. Somebody set up the campaign bank account and I'll send a contribution.
Aloha! I'm the guy who marched with the "Hawai'i says Aloha and Malama Pono" (take care of yourselves) sign.

I, too, thought Bart rocked hard. He might indeed make a fine mayor someday, but the question is: How do you get there from here? The answer might be to get him a public platform such as a call-in radio or cable TV show. (Hint: for the right price, I'll produce.)

Remember, the guy who used to run the cable show where people called in to ask why they weren't getting the Sci-Fi Channel or whatever parlayed that recognition into the mayoralty (and then squandered it, but what the hey...)
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