Friday, July 14, 2006

Happy Bastille Day

Happy Bastille Day from New Orleans. I have heard not a peep of the annual Waiters Race or any other observance, which makes this a damn sad day in Debrisville. Porquois pas le bons temps roulet?

For the unitiated (everybody outside of NOLA), the mark on the Flag of New Orleans is called a rescue mark. It indicates a building was searched during the early days of the Federal flood, on the date (at top) by whom (at left-- in this case NOLA, since we are being forced to save ourselves), and the number of persons or bodies found. One thousand, five hundred and seventy seven is the last dealth toll I have seen for Katrina and the Federal flood in Louisiana.

Since I'm in full blown Dickensian mode, I'm considering casting bloggers in a non-production of "A Tale Of Two Cities." I see Dangerblond as Madame Defarge already. I'll wait until after the geek dinner and probably won't do it then. I'm looking forward to meeting you.

Btw, didn't you write a post around "Us And Them" at one point? It occurred to me after my own semi-Floydian ramble.
I did, and thought about you. I also had you in mind when I wrote on the first post on Kinderblogin:
"Centerville... A real nice place to raise your kids, ahhhh...." and tagged it florescent+leech+and+eddie (who'm I last saw in Audubon Park doing their Turtles Reunion thing way too many years ago).

I'll have to pull out a copy of TofTC before I read for a part.
According to this post, the Frenchman Street celebration is on.. not sure why the parade is listed as being on Saturday, usually it's on the 14th.

Friday, July 14th, 2006
Bastille Day Celebration on Frenchmen Street

ARTISTS : Bruce « Sunpie » Barnes,
Raphael Bas, Pierre Pichon and friends

8pm and show starts at 9pm

Rays’s Boom Boom Room, 508
Frenchmen St
contact: (504) 523.5394

Bastille Day Tumble Saturday

Bring an Instrument and Dress Revolutionary
(French or New Orleanian)
Gather on the 500 block of Frenchmen St
Parade begins around dark thrity
All are invited
Call Ray Manning for more info 866-2398

2nd line around the quarter. Sing, dance, dream, live.

Viva la France!
I think the Flag of New Orleans with the rescue mark would make a better bumper sticker than the upside-down US flag with "We Are Not OK"
Nice job on the flag!
I'd love to see Blake make a t-shirt of this flag!
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