Monday, June 12, 2006

NOLA declared Satan free

With all of our problems, I'm so glad we got this cleared up.

According to this AP story carried by KLFY-TV in Lafayette:

The president of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary says Hurricane Katrina has cleansed the city... "Satan got floated out of the flood," leaving New Orleans open and ready to listen to "the gospel of Jesus Christ."

The good reverand did not make clear if Satan had taken any action to remediate any property he owned, or if he left any vehicles abandoned somewhere. I just hope he got all of his gutting waste into clear bags and his garbage into black, because I don't want to think about what Satan's debris pile would smell like after a few weeks in the summer sun.

Attempts to determine if Satan had applied for FEMA assistance in any other location were unsuccessful.

Damn, I'm relieved to hear this, Markus. I thought I saw Beelzebub on Magazine Street the other day. Glad to hear that I was mistaken.
No, that was Ashley I think.
Brother Chuck sounds like he's been reading too many Stephen King novels.
Whew! This had been keeping me up at night.

Verification: "uhzip" - not sure why I find that funny, but I do.
The leader of a Babtist Church is thinking to himself...


Then in a spark of inane babel, by jove! He has it!!!

Free advertising for his church, and a way to get the good people of his city to feel, well, good about his city!
Declare New Orleans a Satan free zone!!!!

The press, of course, delights in the hearing of such wonderful news! Yes, folks, Satan doesn't know how to swim....

Well, at least I know why Omar says God is for suckers, men like this...

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