Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Festival of Neighborhoods

The Preservation Resource Center's Neighborhood's Planing Network is hosting a Festival of Neighborhoods to showcase neighborhood planning and recovery efforts in postdiluvian NOLA. The festival will be held Saturday June 24 from 10 am to 4 pm in the Botanical Gardens in City Park, in conjunction with the Mid City Art Market. From the announcement flyer:

The purpose of the festival is to showcase neighborhood planning and recovery efforts and to provide a venue for residents throughout the city to network in a relaxed, festive environment and to learn about what other neighborhoods have accomplished. Tents, tables, and chairs will be provided. There is no charge. We are also inviting nonprofits and other vendors that can be of service to neighborhoods and their residents in their recovery effort, such as Global Green, City Works, representatives from the Louisiana Recovery Authority, etc.

Neighborhoods can showcase whatever they choose but we urge you to display (distribute) items related to your planning efforts: pictures, maps, models, survey instruments, plans, etc. One 4 X 8 table, under a tent, will be available for each neighborhood. To display large maps, etc, you must bring your own easel. You can also sell t-shirts, pins, bumper stickers, raffle tickets, etc. Come fundraise for community!

For more information, contact paul@nolahrc.info or call Charmaine at 527-0499.

We're taking notes on the process here...


...if you have anything to suggest.
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