Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Our leaders went to Washington, DC
and all I got's this stinkin' paragraph

So that's it, huh? One little mention of the fictitious $85 billion.

The largest natural disaster in a century, 23,000 square miles devastated, and we get a paragraph. With 3,200 still missing, its clear that far more people died in Katrina and its aftermath than died on 9-11. And this is what we get.

New York gets a victims compensation fund and a war on terror. We get community development block grants.

I'm more sanguine this morning about all this than I thought possible. I mean, if the President or the leaders of congress were an alcoholic relative, I'd feel saddened every time they screwed up.

Even though this time, its my car they've totaled.

But what can you do?

I always struggled with the old Catholic school argument that God made your developmentally or physically disabled fellow students that way so you would learn compassion. What an evil old bastard, I used to think to myself, which is not the reaction the good sisters and brothers intended.

But I look at the lot of them up there in Washington and think, God made them venal and malicious and stupid so I could learn compassion, and patience, and disconnect myself from the material worries of this world.

Then I snap out of it. I grab another beer out of the fridge and reload my son's Nerf dart gun, and go back to watching the rest of the after-speech cable nonsense. Look, there's Sen. Ted Stevens.

Thunk, thunk, thunk.


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Yeah, let's stop worrying about what THEY think, and give THEM something to think about instead.
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