Monday, December 05, 2005

Port President to N.O. -- We don't need you

Gary P LaGrange, president of the Port of New Orleans, told the Los Angeles Times in a Dec. 3 story that "[the port]" doesn't need the city."

On Page 2 of the online version, when asked about "inferences that the city is equally important" in the Times' words, LaGrange said, "That's bull."

Strangely, the port's own web site boasts that there are 60,000 people directly employed in the maritime industry, and that the the port is responsible for more than 107,000 jobs.

If Mr. LaGrange doesn't feel a city is needed, how precisely does he propose to hire these workers? Perhaps he is considering replacing the port's workers with illegal aliens, and housing them in tents and storm-damaged buildings with no utilities or running water, a popular solution for some local business.

Mr. LaGrange also says that " is the biggest throughput port in the country. It doesn't need the city. the value added here is very minimal."

Again, the Port's own website boasts of the extensive coffee industry, with "six roasting facilities in a 20 mile radius". It also talks about the port's extensive inter-modal facilities, for transferring cargo from ship to barge or rail or truck.

Perhaps he thinks this cargo can transfer itself, and that the coffee can roast and package itself, if there is no city and therefore are no workers.

Mr. LaGrange should be canned from his port position immediately, and asked to leave the city. If he doesn't wish to leave the city voluntarily, there are some ancient southern traditions involving split rails, hot tar, and feathers to which he should be introduced. The city is badly in need of a parade.

He is clearly unsuited to a position of responsibility during the post- reconstruction of New Orleans. Perhaps former FEMA chief Micheal Brown can offer him a new job in his disaster response consultancy.

Right! I was aghast when I read that. WTF.
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