Friday, September 02, 2005

Update on all levee failures, repair progress

Mayor Nagin told CNN and WWL that during a flyover of the city he say no visible progress on the breech in the 17th St. Canal that has flooded the central city.

A story on the St. Petersburg Times of Fla. reports that Corps of Engineers officials are optimisic, with a road built to the site giving access to trucks. Officials had earlier planned to use barges to bring materials, but cannot raise the lift bridges necessary to bring the material in the MRGO, and the Rigolets appears to be blocked by the wreckage of the Twin Spans.

The paper also reports that there is a second breach "in a canal one over to the East", which would be the Orleans/Marconi canal. That opening is actually serving to drain some water from the central city.

A rebort from BBS News in Charlotte, NC says the corps is working to expand the breeches along the ast side of the Industrial Canal between Bayou Bienvenue and Bayou Dupre, in St. Bernard Parish, to accelerate drainage of the parish.

Boh Brother's contruction of NOLA is driving pilings to block the mouth of the 17th Street Canal to close it and allow for repairs to the levee.

A breech at the levee at London Avenue will be handled simlarly, using materials from the Demolition of Lakeshore Drive. This breech on the eastern end of the Lakefront had been hinted at from local eyewitness accounts on the newblogs forums, but I have not seen it confirmed in media coverage. The London Ave. Canal breech is also 300 feet long.

The Corps is investigating a site near the Mirabeau Avenue Bridge on teh London Avenue Canal that may yet fail.

The BBSNews link is just the information a lot of people have been looking for, and can be found here:

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