Thursday, September 22, 2005

Triumph of the Shills

My wife received an email purporting to be forwarded from a doctor, who reported that the evacuees in the Houston area were just the sort of sub-human, lumpenproletariat scum you mother warned you about back in the early desegregation days when my grandfather wouldn't let me drink from public water fountains.

Here is the letter, and Snopes analysis of it.

I haven't seen anything that would confirm an account like this. Like the Snopes researcher, I've only seen the exact opposite. Unless, of course, you ask Governor-in-Exile Katy Blanco, who's heard stories about those kind of people, and did everything she could to make sure too many of them weren't saved so that they wouldn't overrun Breaux Bridge.

If there were a god and she were just, the person who wrote this and all those who forwarded this email would be the bobbing, bloated bodies floating in the streets.

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