Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Three weeks later, finding survivors among the dead

From an Asociated Press report posted early this morning on the WWLTV Katrina Blog, a tale of "half a happy ending."

I still don't understand the reluctance of rescuters to break in and search homes, as ordered by FEMA. It seems the haunting legacy of their timid fear of looters over common sense and saving lies.

This man's wife might have been saved if they had simply broken in and searched.

Searchers acting on a tip from a man worried about his sister found a couple in their 70's inside their New Orleans house yesterday, more than three weeks after Hurricane Katrina.

John Lyons was still alive but his wife Leola was not. Officials say she'd been dead for about five days.

Searchers had earlier knocked on their door but hadn't entered. And Lyons says he didn't hear the rescuers.

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