Friday, September 02, 2005

The Third Battle of New Orleans

Mayor Ray Nagin is pissed, attacking federal officials for their failure to respond to the crisis.

But the problem is bigger than that. Nagin accused them of playing politics man and they are playing games and they are spinning it. They are out there spinning for the cameras. "

His anger, in my opinion, is more than justified.

FEMA is killing more people in New Orleans than Katrina. Telling people who were risking their lives 18 hours a day to pull people out of homes it was "too dangerous", or stopping the buses coming in to evacuate people because it is "too dangerous".

Please email me. I will drive busses, just get me a flight to Baton Rouge and I will make my way to any muster point you say.

The current admininstration is filled with rapacious cowards, and everyone who dies from now on dies because of their inaction.

This is the Third Battle of New Orleans. We intended to win. Is the Federal Government our ally or our enemy?

If you don't like those facts, you don't have to read this and you can find lots of coverage of the tragedy of drunken little blonde girls in Aruba, or some other pleasant diversion.

I pulled the long rush transcipt because it distracts from the rest of the blog. Contact me at and I can send it to you if you wish.

I have posted a link up the blog to a stream of the interview that runs cleanly even on a slow dialup.

For now, I don't know which is worse, Hurricane Katrina or FEMA. If people in FEMA are not punished, then the people of New Orleans will know their true status: at best, they are 3/5 citizens of these United States.

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