Friday, September 02, 2005

Red Cross refusing to feed refugees outside shelters

This is the sort of thing that caused my sister to remind to tell people not to donate to the Red Cross, based on her experience in Camille.

From a forum poster on (the ABC site):

We don't' understand why the Red Cross is refusing to feed refugees housed in homes all up and down the state. We are told they must be IN the shelter to have hand outs from the Red Cross - and yet the shelters are full - they can't HANDLE the people. So hundreds of citizens are taking them in - and assistance is being denied to those not in the shelters. The reason given for this - at least at our Red Cross office - is because "regular citizens" might try and take food they are not entitled to - so they can only feed those who are in their shelters.

OTHER agencies (not the Red Cross) are addressing that by simply asking to see an ID verifying that the refugee is from a devastated area. The address alone is proof they are from areas that no longer exist. And even after it has been discussed with the Red Cross (that this person can prove they are from a hard hit area) - still the Red Cross will not give them food.
More disturbing issues with relief efforts at the URL:

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