Sunday, September 04, 2005

Jefferson Police turn back Orleans refugess at parish line

Mayor Nagin told ABC news in a report today that citizen refugees who were attempting to walk out of New Orleans in search of aid were stopped at the Jefferson Parish line by police with attack dogs and machine guns.

The chief law enforcement officer of Jefferson Parish is Sheriff Harry Lee, who is notorius for his views on racial profiling by his officers. He once said his men would stop blacks in ‘rinky dink’ cars in white neighborhoods at night.

Nagin explained that he suggested the mostly black people at the convention center try walking out becuase there were no supplies in the city to relive their suffering, and no buses for their evacation. He said he asked FEMA to station food and water along the West Bank Expressway to provide relief to these people, and to transfer them to the buses waiting west of town.

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