Thursday, September 01, 2005

God's Eye

UPDATE: The Associated Press is offering an interactive site of sattelite photos, more comprehensive than those below:

Good gods....


Here are reconnaisence photos of the devestation. It is very limited in scope. You can't see the center city. One presumes they were examing the infrastructure.

I was trying to view the 17th St. Canal, but amaizingly they don't have photos of that site.

WDSU-TV has a doohickey called In Depth:Hurricane Katrina. The Flooded Areas radio button vastly underestimates the flooding. It doesn't show the lower Ninth Ward or St. Bernard, two of the most afflicted areas, or the flooding that was reported today to have crossed St. Charles Avenue.

The only reportedly dry areas (outside of the West Bank, which was spared storm surge flooding) were the original confines of Bienville's original settlement: the organ area in the WDSU graphic, and a narrow area along the river front heading upriver into Uptown.

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