Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The fish rots from the head down

Knight-Ridder newspapers report today that it was Homeland Security Jefe' Chertoff who initially delayed response to Hurricane Katria. He waited until Aug. 30 to declare an "Incident of National Significance", four days after forcasters placed a storm of significant size striking the Gulf Coast.

Chertoff's hesitation and Bush's creation of a task force both appear to contradict the National Response Plan and previous presidential directives that specify what the secretary of homeland security is assigned to do without further presidential orders. The goal of the National Response Plan is to provide a streamlined framework for swiftly delivering federal assistance when a disaster - caused by terrorists or Mother Nature - is too big for local officials to handle.

You can find the story here, and probably in your own favorite Knight-Ridder paper. The T-P is a Newhouse property, so you probably won't see this on NOLA.Com.

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