Thursday, September 01, 2005

FEMA orders an end to boat rescue as "too dangerous"

The heroes of the Wildlife & Fisheries Service of Louisiana, who as of yesterday morning had saved 3,000, must disregard this order.

They have been risking their lives for four days while the FEMA sits at a desk somewhere and tries to figure out what to do.

This is insane. Do they think the small bands of armed looters are wading through chest high or deeper water in the poorest neighborhoods of New Orleans? Are the FEMA officials incompetent or malicious? I'm am too flabbergasted to figure out which it is.

Every reliable report on the ground is that the vast majority of "looting" is people foraging for food and water with increasing desperation. If our government could feed and water them, they could concentrate on the fewer gangbaners run amok.

But they can't. Because FEMA is clearly incompetent.

The WL&F and other local rescuers should disobey this order.

If the National Guard tries to enforce it, they should ignore them.

If the National Guard tries to enforce it by force, well, I'll be rooting for the WL&F and the NOPD and NOFD. I hope the WL&F folks brought their sidearms.

This is the greatest insanity of Katrina: our own government will do as much damage as the storm.

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