Thursday, September 01, 2005

Fats is Found; Irma and Allen Toussaint are missing

Fats Domino has been rescued, reports one of the local web sites. (I'm getting tired, and I'm not going to go back and source it. Just take my word for it. He's OK)

However, Hartford (Conn.) Courant lifestyle writer Patricia Seremet reports that Allen Toussaint was among the refugees at the Superdome, but has not been heard from after calling a family member from there. Also not accounted for is Imra Thomas.

You may think this is silly amongst all this suffering, but these people are as much a national treasure as the French Quarter.

And, yes, Patricia, Frog Man Henry's song ""Ain't Got No Home" has been running through my head all week. I have at last reclaimed it from the days when Rush Limbaugh used it as intro music to segments ridiculing the homeless.

In other music news, the only person outside of the media to brave a visit to the NOCC was Harry Connick, Jr., who spoke to the crowd and tried to calm them. He will appear along with the Nevilles and other notaables in a benefit concert to be broadcast Friday night.

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