Saturday, September 03, 2005

Charmaine Neville Tells It Like It Is

This from a Baton Rouge TV stations, second hand via a reliable evacuee:

Singer Charmaine Neville stayed in the Ninth Ward like many area residents. When the post-storm flood waters began to surge in, she found a boat and began evacuating the people around her to a neighborhood school. They "found" some food and water there in the kitchen and were feeding and caring for everyone there.

Then some people not from her hood showed up with guns and took the food and water. Later, another band came and assaulted the young women there. As the waters were beginning to recede, she led these people in groups--including the elderly in wheelchairs--all the way from Bywater to Canal St.

They broke into an abandoned RTA bus, and she drove the folk out of New Orleans.

A side note: she says people all over the Ninth Ward were using guns to try to attract the attention of rescue helicopters when their flags and flashlights were ignored. No one there was shooting at helicopters (confirmed elsewhere by the FAA city-wide).

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