Saturday, September 10, 2005

Bush played for turf while Louisiana payed in lives

NPR has reported that Bush withheld federal groups after Governor Kathleen Blanco rebuffed his demand the all control be taken by federal officials.

This confirms a BBC World Service report carried on US PBS stations quoting the spokesman for the military's Northern Command in Colorad, stating they were ready before the storm strucks for a massive response, but the order from the White House never came

It is unclear why Blanco refused to surrender all state governmental authority, but if the National Guard troops had been federalized, they would have had to lay down their weapons and restrict themselves to relief efforts only. Blanco made numerous statements about the perceived danger on the ground in New Orleans, and may have resisted disarming the Guard.

What is not clear is why Bush insisted that all local officials surrender their authority to federal officials, which is the gist of the report. If Bush deliberately withheld Federal assistance over who would have authority or get credit, then a fully independent commission of investigation can't be convened too soon. Any investigation conducted by persons reporting to Bush would almost certainly not address the negligent homicide this represents.

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