Thursday, September 22, 2005

Armed thugs terrorize NOLA

No, not the gangbangers. They're all off in Houston or Atlanta by now getting ready to try and steal some turf.

The newest threat from armed thugs comes courtesy of Homeland Security, as well as some of the folks on Audubon Place.

It appears that Blackwater, the notorious mercenary company which provided security to the transitional authority in Iraq, were hired by Homeland Security and deputized by Governor-in-Exile Kathy Blanco. This is the same woman who was so terrorized to discover that ther were criminals--with guns!--in the city, that she ordered relief efforts be held back because it was "too dangerous." is a left web publication, but I have seen numerous reports of Blackwater's presence from the earliest days post-Katrina.

Fresh From Iraq, Private Security Forces
Roam the Streets of an American City With Impunity

CBS News carried this same piece on their website.

Yeah, I know what you guys think of CBS News. You won't mind when guys from Blackwood show up to tell you they're there to confiscate your guns, for your own safety, now, will you?

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