Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Straight Dope

If you want your news unfiltered, forget the cable news networks. They are clearly behind on this story in almost all cases. They do have some compelling video, such as the broadcast last night by on MSNBC by a reporter who broke down in tears describing her voyage into Bywater.

I am getting much of my information from these sources, and will acknowledge sources on my postings, adding links where ever possible.

The Times Picayune online site: www.nola.com, and in particular the news blog inside at:

Tuesday's Times Picayune was only published electronically, and can be viewed in PDF format here: http://www.nola.com/hurricane/katrina/. Call me picky, but couldn't they have managed a broadsheet at least to distribute in the shelters?

The two local television station WWL-TV has a home page with news, but it is being updated sporadically. There is a streaming feed of WWL-TV there: http://www.wwltv.com/

WDSU-TV is also being carried as a feed here: www.wdsu.com. There is less news on the home page, but I have found their coverage to be a bit less insipid than WWLs. That is a prejudice, however, that I've held for decades, and is mostly a matter of preference.

On WDSU as 9:30 pm the NOLA talent appears to have gone to bed for the night (and deserve it), leavinga couple of clueless pretties from a sister station in Florida reading the scripts handed to them. They mean well, but until you get people back who know the city, I'd go with WWL-TV.

I will say I found WDSU-TV's coverage on Day 1 superior. They were trying to cover the storm while WWL-TV was interviewing the new chancellor of LSU and admiring the lovely studio at the J-school they were using there to him.

I am using some online journals or blogs I frequent as leads to other information, and asking friends to report as accurately as possible any broadcast information, with a station cite and a time.

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