Wednesday, August 31, 2005

"The flow has...eased" says Senior Corps official

MSNBC reports comments by Corps of Engineers senior project enineer Al Naomi that "the flow has pretty much eased mainly because the lake is dropping in elevation." On, NOLA homeland security director Tery Ebbert said, "we're not to far from filling in the bowl."

According to a report on, the Lake is typically one foot above sea level, and lake levels have been increased not only by the storm surge, but by runoff into Lake Pontchartrain of Katrina rainfall from the Florida Parishes on the North Shore.

The breech is being reported at 500 feet in length this morning.

Reports on indicate that all areas of the city are flooded except the French Quarter and narrow strip of Uptown are flooded, "the same small strip that was settled by Bienville", writes Dan Shea of the T-P. still reports that Jefferson Parish residents might be allowed back in to gather personal goods and leave as soon as Monday, but reporting on the state of East Jefferson flooding is not clear.

A poster still in Lakeview on indicates that Harison at Canal Blvd. is underwater, but the water does not appear to be rising.

Port St. in Marigny was dry this morning, as was Baronne Ste.

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