Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Dead and Presumed Missing?

They have stopped searching for the dead. The toll in Louisiana: 972.

Even as FEMA announces an end to the search for bodies in New Orleans, over 5,000 people remain missing after Hurricane Katrina. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children lists 2,500 children who are missing or can't be matched to their parents. A list from the same site of missing adults runs to 183 pages with 37 names per page. That's 6,750 people

It is disturbing that in 2005 we don't have the ability to match up the missing via shelter registrations, aid applications, or other means.

Why are there between 5,000 and 9,000 people who can't be found?

Why are the employees of Kenyon International Emergency Services charged with handling the dead, sworn to secrecy?

Why was this company, a scandal-tainted Texas firm tied to the Bush family and implicated in illegally discarding and desecrating corpses , hired? (And why is the Florida Sun-Sentinel link to a story about this taken down?)

Why did Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee initially report on Sept. 10 that only 10% of the bodies recovered in Jefferson Parish were attributable to Katrina, according to WWL-TV's Katrina Blog?

Why weren't locked homes broken into and searched?

Has every building been searched, by humans, animals or remotely to determine if there are dead?

How many of the dead escaped through the intentional levee breeches in St. Bernard and the lower Ninth Ward and will never be found?

Why were the affluent victims of 9-11 counted among the dead when they were only missing?

Why are the less affluent and largely black victims of 9-28 disregarded when there bodies can't be found?

Will we ever know the true number of the dead?

If not, why not?

>>Why weren't locked homes broken into and searched?>>
I can tell you they were broken into, but whether they were searched effectively seems to be up for debate.
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