Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Carry Me Home published

Ex-pat Orleanian Mark Folse’s decision to move back to New Orleans post-Katrina was featured on National and Minnesota Public Radio and in the Los Angeles Times. Now he tells his own story and that of the post-Katrina city in Carry Me Home A Journey Back to New Orleans, a collection of essays based on his popular Katrina blog Wet Bank Guide.

The Wet Bank Guide was featured by French National Radio as one of the unique voices of the post-Katrina disaster in New Orleans, and drew praise from readers across the nation. The Times-Picayune plucked two pieces from its columns, and Carry Me Home collects the best of that work, refreshed and expanded for publication.

Suspect Device cartoonist Greg Peters has called Folse "one of the best writers in Louisiana," and author Michael Tisserand, another regular reader of Wet Bank Guide, said of Carry Me Home: "Mark's writing is about skill and heart. A blend of reporting, memoir and analysis, [the book] is as immediate as it is reflective. It's more than a love letter to New Orleans--it’s a survival guide for post-Katrina America. Mark shows how to go through a disaster with your soul intact." The Chin Music Press Voices of New Orleans blog said, "it belongs on the bookshelf alongside the other worthy post-Katrina works. [His] heart is absolutely in the right place, and it is that heart — that passion — that the reader will ultimately remember from this book.”

The book is available at fine local bookstores in New Orleans and online at Lulu.com and other online book sites

Mark Folse majored in English literature as the University of New Orleans where he was editor of the student newspaper. He worked as a journalist for a decade, winning a New Orleans Press Club and a Jefferson Parish Medical Society award. He served as deputy press secretary and speechwriter to Sen. John Breaux in Washington, D.C., and has worked in the computer and banking industries since leaving the political life in the early 1990s.

In the fall of 2005 he convinced his family--then residing in Fargo, North Dakota--to try to move to New Orleans even as water still stood in the streets. Now he and his wife Rebecca Noack and their children Killian and Matthew Folse are settled in the Mid-City section of New Orleans. The Wet Bank Guide blog is now closed, but he continues to share his observations on Crescent City life online at Toulouse Street--Odd Bits of Life in New Orleans (http://www.toulousstreet.net).

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